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Living with PCOS: A Young Woman’s Account

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is perhaps one of the most common hormone diseases that affect a large part of women worldwide. Most women tend to get diagnosed with it early when they hit puberty or in their early 20s. Genetics is the most common cause behind it, as the risk can be passed down through genes.

Women with PCOS tend to experience numerous symptoms of the disorder, including excess weight gain, irregular periods, hormonal imbalance, and the inability to conceive. The symptoms of PCOS, hence, can be debilitating and stressful.

If you have recently been diagnosed with PCOS, perhaps reading an account of other women with the disorder can help. It may help you find support and encouragement to know that women living with PCOS can lead a normal, healthy, and happy life.

My Life with PCOS

I am a young woman diagnosed with PCOS in my early twenties. It happened when I missed my period. In a panic, I rushed to the hospital to get myself checked. The OBGYN ran several hormonal tests and did a transvaginal ultrasound. The results came in, and the doctor told me that I had PCOS.

Adding to the diagnosis, she told me not to worry or panic. Many women have PCOS and miss their periods, which isn’t bad because you are saving yourself from the horrible cramps. However, she did tell me to come to her if I plan on conceiving soon.

When I went home, I did plenty of research on what PCOS is, its symptoms, and how it can be treated. I realized that I had been suffering from the symptoms of this disorder ever since I hit puberty. For years, I had extreme hair loss, fluctuations in my weight, hair growing on my chin and upper lip, and acne. It negatively impacted my mental health, confidence, and self-esteem greatly during high school.

Now, when I look back at my younger years, I realize how PCOS had robbed me of so many good things in my life. If I had known these were common symptoms of PCOS, I could have gotten myself diagnosed much earlier. Unfortunately, I never realized I could have this hormonal disorder due to a lack of awareness and education regarding PCOS. In the end, I was diagnosed about a decade later.

But as I am on the road to recovery, I am trying to change the course of my life and taking back the youth that I had lost. Life does not have to end when you are diagnosed with PCOS, and living with PCOS is not challenging once you know what you are dealing with. This is why education and awareness, especially amongst teenage girls, are absolutely necessary.

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