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Heartburn / GERD Specialist In Irving, TX

Living with heartburn or GERD can make enjoying meals difficult. Fortunately, Health One Family Medicine in Irving, Texas provides effective treatments that help you overcome these issues and enjoy food and meals with others.

Heartburn / GERD Q & A

The first step is receiving an accurate diagnosis, so schedule your appointment today by calling the office or using the online scheduling function to find an appointment time that fits your schedule.

Heartburn is an uncomfortable burning sensation that occurs when a small amount of stomach acid flows backward into your esophagus. Gastrointestinal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive condition where your lower esophageal sphincter functions improperly.

Occasional heartburn is normal and can occur after a large or spicy meal. Frequent heartburn, however, is a symptom of GERD.

Heartburn is an unmistakable condition with easily identifiable symptoms. Some common symptoms of heartburn include:

  • Burning sensations in your chest
  • Pain rising from your abdomen to your jaw
  • A foul taste in your mouth
  • Indigestion-like discomfort
  • Timing of discomfort that always follows meals

Fortunately, these uncomfortable symptoms often disappear with proper treatment.

GERD can cause serious health problems if untreated. When the harsh acids that aid in digestion flow back into your esophagus, the tissues of that organ may bleed or develop ulcers.

Your body responds to these resulting problems by creating scar tissue that can narrow or constrict your esophagus and increase your risk of esophageal cancer.

Receiving a proper diagnosis and treatment for GERD is a critical part of maintaining your overall health and wellness and should not be postponed.

There are many over-the-counter products available to relieve the symptoms of heartburn. It’s vital, however, to discuss your treatment needs with Dr. Parikh to ensure you’re on the right treatment path. Relying on over-the-counter medications is unlikely to provide lasting relief.

Lifestyle modification is usually the preferred treatment approach for GERD. Many men and women find relief from heartburn by shedding extra pounds or quitting tobacco smoking.

Changing your diet can also create a positive outcome. Avoiding triggering foods like peppermint, coffee, alcohol, chocolate, and fried foods can greatly reduce heartburn.

Medication can also help. Some drugs neutralize stomach acids, whereas others reduce the amount of stomach acid or cause your stomach to empty faster.

In some cases, surgery is required to address damage to your esophageal sphincter. Dr. Parikh helps you find a specialist to complete your procedure and remains in close contact with your specialist to ensure continuity of care.

To learn more about treating heartburn and GERD, schedule an appointment at Health One Family Medicine as soon as possible.