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Annual Physical Exam in Irving, TX

At Health One Family Medicine, you will have access to the finest primary care providers in Dallas County who offer thorough physicals and annual checkups to their patients. We aim to support our patients through their health and wellness journeys at all stages of their lives.

Annual Checkups Q & A

With our physicals and annual exams, we can rest assured that our patients are leading healthy lives. We also perform checkups to diagnose diseases in their earliest stages to ensure our patients benefit from optimal wellness.

An annual physical exam is a thorough medical checkup performed to protect your health and diagnose early signs of disease before it can do irreversible damage. Annual checkups involve physical exams, routine tests, and comprehensive discussion regarding your current health.

Your primary care provider will down with you, explore your history, and discuss your health troubles with you in detail. An annual checkup is an essential step in preemptive medical care.

Regular physical exams and annual checkups ensure that your primary care physician in Irving is able to flag early signs of life-threatening or curable diseases to enable you to enjoy better health.

With regular checkups, you can learn about chronic issues, such as heart disease and hypertension, before they affect your life irreversibly.

An annual exam and regular physicals allow your doctor to have an ongoing medical record of your evolving health needs, lifestyle issues, risk factors, health screenings, immunizations, lab work, and more. It gives them a bird’s eye view of your medical history, allowing them to offer you better and more-informed medical care.

An annual exam starts with your family doctor in Irving discussing your medical history with you, allowing them to identify potential risks.

It is then followed by a review of existing symptoms or concerns you might have.

Then, your doctor will weigh you and measure your blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, and respiration rate.

They will use a stethoscope to listen to your heart and lungs. Check your neck and belly for signs of tenderness or swelling. They will also examine your eyes, mouth, throat, and ears and check your reflexes.

Depending on your risk factors and specific needs, your family doctor in Irving might also perform a prostate or breast exam.

Once the physical examination is complete, your doctor might order lab work and testing.

They may take a urine sample and draw some blood to determine if you have underlying health problems, such as high cholesterol or blood sugar. Finally, your physician will offer you medical guidance based on their findings and guide you toward a healthy lifestyle.

Patients should be ready to provide in-depth information about their own medical history, including a list of medications and supplements they’re taking, and the medical history of near relatives to help identify possible risk factors for diseases.

If lab work like blood testing is ordered prior to the exam, it’s important to have that testing completed at least a week or two in advance so the results will be ready to review and discuss during the examination.


So, if you’re on the lookout for primary care near you to get annual physical exams, get in touch with us today.

At Health One Family Medicine, we offer comprehensive physicals and annual checkups to all our patients while building long-lasting professional relationships with them.

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