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Pre-Operative Physical Exam Irving, TX

Health One Family Medicine providers in Irving, TX provide pre-operative physical exams to their patients who need to undergo a surgical procedure.

Pre-Operative Physical Q&A

Prior to surgery, a pre-operative physical exam is performed by your primary care provider to give the surgeon a green light that the patient is healthy to safely undergo anesthesia and surgery.

Your primary care provider will complete a thorough physical examination and appropriate laboratory tests required for your type of surgery. Your family doctor will also review your medical history, pre-existing conditions, and any current medications you might be taking.

The types of labs or tests will depend on the patient, his/her medical history, and the type of surgery they will undergo. Standard pre-op test include: EKG, x-rays, lab testing, cardiac evaluation, vision test, urine analysis, and lung function assessment.

You can call our office or book an appointment online. For your convenience, we are also open on Saturdays.