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Health One Family Medicine in Irving, Texas is focused on preventing and treating injuries in athletes of all ages and all performance levels.

Sports Medicine Q & A

Our providers offer sports medicine services with advanced diagnostic and treatment options for patients of all ages.

Sports medicine includes all the tests, evaluations, and treatments that can help athletes of all levels remain physically active in their sport or activity of choice, as well as treatments for injuries sustained in sports or related activities.

A doctor who provides sports medicine services is skilled in identifying issues that occur most commonly among athletes, as well as providing preventive care and guidance that can help men and women perform better and avoid injuries.

They understand the unique strains and stresses involved in specific activities including contact and team sports as well as individual activities like running and climbing so they can provide treatment that’s optimized for the needs of the patient.

Sports medicine doctors also perform sports physicals for schools and other organizations that require them.

Yes, sports medicine is designed to help people who engage in any type of physical activity including weekend activities like hiking, biking and walking stay healthy, avoid injury and get the most health benefits from their routines.

Sports medicine can be especially useful in helping people remain physically active as they get older, and it can be helpful in ensuring students are healthy enough to participate in activities at school or through other organizations.

Sports physicals include many of the same evaluations as a regular physical exam, including measurements of weight and blood pressure and assessments of the heart and lungs.

In addition, a sports physical can assess muscle groups or joints used in specific activities to help patients avoid injury and improve personal training routines.

Patients will also receive personalized guidance to help them enjoy their sport more, improve their overall performance and maximize the benefits of physical activity.

Any type of sports injury – even something seemingly minor like a muscle strain – should be evaluated by a doctor with experience in sports medicine to determine the extent of the injury and to prevent more serious issues from developing.