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Establishing your Baseline of Health

One of the most significant benefits of having an annual physical exam is your doctor’s insight about your health. Knowing about your health condition and potential risk factors can help you set goals for yourself. One of the many ways in which doctors spot unhealthy trends during your annual physical each year is by establishing a baseline of health.

In this blog, we will shed light on the importance of developing a health baseline so that you can be more successful in achieving your health goals and maintaining the lifestyle you have dreamed of.

What Is a Health Baseline?

A baseline of health basically tells you where you stand in terms of your physical, mental and emotional health. Shaped by your medical, social, and family history, a health baseline is continuously influenced by factors affecting your everyday life.

Your health baseline takes into account 2 things: existing illness and potential future illness. Even though some healthcare baseline components are more adjustable than others, it is crucial that you have a precise understanding of your present health status.

Why Is It Essential to Determine Your Personal Baseline of Health?

If you are healthy, hardly ever need to take medication, and don’t visit a doctor, you must be wondering why it is essential for you to visit one for an annual physical.

There are 2 vital components to good health: appropriate preventive care to prevent the decline of future health and suitable treatment for the current disease. Although most people keenly seek care for the latter, they frequently forget about the former.

Routine check-ups are highly beneficial. There is strong evidence that suggests that annual physicals can help you take appropriate preventative healthcare steps to prevent the usage of prescription medications, need for hospitalization, and occurrence of medical procedures in the future. This can help save a lot of money and ensure a longer and healthier life.

How Can Establishing a Health Baseline Help You Achieve Wellness Goals?

Many wellness goals start with changes in diet and exercise. Depending on your baseline of health, your physician will be able to help you determine how to start making these changes in a safe, effective manner. What exercises can you do, and which ones should you avoid due to chronic muscle pain? Can you run if you suffer from high blood pressure? Is it dangerous for you to start an all-vegan diet? What is a safe sum of weight that you can lose?

Wellness also includes mental and emotional health. Your physician can help you determine what treatment is most appropriate for common conditions such as depression and anxiety. If you have been feeling down lately, does this mental health issue warrant medical treatment, or should you try yoga or meditation first? All these questions can be answered and addressed as part of your baseline of health.

Visit Health One Family Medicine for Your Annual Physical

Visit a physician for your annual check-up at Health One Family Medicine today. Our healthcare experts can help you develop a baseline of health to achieve your wellness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle without the fear of catching choric illnesses. To schedule your appointment, call at (469)262-5762 or visit our website to book an appointment.

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