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Breast Cancer Screening Tests

Early detection of breast cancer is the best way to treat it and ensure it is not as life-threatening. This is where breast cancer screening is useful. It is a form of breast cancer test that examines the breast for any signs of a tumor before any symptoms of the disease emerge.

Doctors recommend that all women get breast cancer screening done because it ensures a better prognosis and treatment if the disease is detected. There are a few breast cancer screening tests that help detect cancer. In this guide, we will take a deeper look into all of them.

Breast Cancer Screening Tests

You should essentially ask your doctor for their recommendation on the type of breast cancer screening test you should take up. They will determine the type of test based on your age, genetic history, medical history, and other risk factors.

Here are the most common screening tests done for breast cancer in women:

1.     Physical Breast Examination

A physical breast examination is a test done by the doctor, nurse, or any other health practitioner. They use their hands to feel the lumps or any abnormalities in the breast. If they do find something out of the ordinary, they will get further tests done, such as a mammogram.

2.     Mammogram

This is the best screening test to take up to find breast cancer whether or not a woman is experiencing any symptoms of breast cancer. It is a kind of X-ray that looks deeply into any abnormalities or lumps in the breast. A mammogram is the best way to check for breast cancer, which is why every woman should get this screening test done routinely.

Additionally, it will also lower your risk of dying from breast cancer since it plays a central role in the early detection of the tumor. Early detection leads to better and most curable treatment.

3.     Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

This is yet another test done to check for breast cancer. It is often conducted in conjunction with a mammogram, specifically for females who are at higher risk of having breast cancer. In this, pictures of the breast are taken with the help of magnetic and radio waves.

Breast MRI is not done for women with an average risk of breast cancer. This is because it is not entirely reliable in this case since it might show cancerous lumps in the breast even when there are not any.

4.     Self-Examination

In some cases, self-examination can also help you detect breast cancer before it progresses further. You should continually be assessing the breasts for any changes in appearance, lumps, or irregularities. If you notice any, report them to your doctor as soon as possible, who will get further tests done.

Final Words

While a breast cancer screening test does not prevent the disease, it can help provide better treatment that might reduce the life-threatening factor. Hence, if you suspect any irregularities, you should get them checked by a healthcare professional.

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