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4 Medical Tests You Should Have Every Year

Regular checkups with annual medical tests and visits to your doctor are extremely important in order to stay updated with your health. They also help you detect any health problems early on to manage or mitigate them easily.

While specific medical tests to have every year may depend on your age, general health and risk factors for certain diseases, there are some tests you should still get done regardless. Additionally, meeting with a health provider can also help you clarify what tests you should be getting and whether everything with your physical health is okay.

Importance of Annual Medical Exam

The truth is that some diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and sometimes even heart-related ones are symptomless. So many patients go on with life for months before discovering their disease; sometimes, they are too late, and there’s little that can be done. Catching any disease in its early stage is much more preferable as you can easily manage them. Hence regular doctor checkups and annual medical tests are vital to living a healthier and happier life.

Medical Tests to Have Every Year

We have rounded up a list of the most important annual medical tests you should be getting in order to ensure that you are physically fine. Take a look.

1.     Routine Blood Tests

Regular blood tests are integral in ensuring that your body is functioning properly. It helps identify any underlying diseases or problems that need to be treated. Blood tests also help doctors analyze how well your organs are functioning.

Your blood tests should include those for cholesterol, blood sugar tests, and blood pressure. Lastly, incorporate a blood count test to check you iron level.

2.     Eye Exam

Even if you think you have 20/20 vision, getting a complete eye exam can help ensure there are no problems with your overall health. Such tests don’t just check for blind spots and see if your vision is fine. They can also indicate possible problems in other areas of your body. For example, your eye exam can also help check for diabetes, hypertension, glaucoma, and even stroke. All of these diseases are symptomless, making it even more important to get an eye exam done.

3.     Thyroid Test

Another important annual medical test that you should be taking is that of your thyroids. These glands influence your body’s metabolism, development, and growth. Hence problems relating to these areas can be identified through thyroid tests. Similarly, these tests will help indicate if you have hyperthyroidism and under-active thyroids.

4.     Skin Exam

Skin cancer is rapidly becoming a common problem in many people, especially women. It can be indicated on the skin through unusual skin tags, moles, and lesions. This is why regular checkups and tests with your dermatologist are needed. It becomes extremely important to get it done if you have a prior history of skin cancer, excessive moles, or excessively fair skin.

Get Your Checkups Done at Health One Family Medicine

Once you recognize the importance of routine annual medical tests and checkups, it’s time to act. Book an appointment with a health provider from Health One Family Medicine to get your annual checkup and all tests done. Early diagnosis can significantly help manage any possible disease, so get in touch right away.

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