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3 Common Health Conditions in Aging Adults

When you turn fifty, there are many reasons to rejoice. Discounts begin to kick in, investments start to materialize, and most importantly, you get wiser. ​​However, there is still a price to pay for all the money saved and information gained: deteriorating health.

The good news is that most of these common health conditions that appear during old age are treatable. Furthermore, more significant issues can be avoided if they are identified early and treated quickly. With that in mind, here are three common health conditions in aging adults that require some concern and care.


One of the most common health conditions in aging adults that is dismissed or overlooked is arthritis, especially osteoarthritis. This is a more serious type of arthritis involving wear and tear of bones. So, consult your doctor if you have joint pain or stiffness from routine exercise. However, ensure that it isn’t rheumatoid arthritis, an inflammatory and autoimmune health condition. ​​

There are several options for osteoarthritis treatment. For example, increasing physical activity can help reduce existing discomfort and mobility issues. To help you feel better, your doctor can also suggest using over-the-counter or prescription painkillers.

High Cholesterol

Another one of the most common health conditions in aging adults is high cholesterol. It involves the buildup of plaque inside your blood vessels, blocking or slowing down blood flow. This can lead to heart attacks, especially if the plaque breaks free and forms a blood clot in one of the major arteries.

Like high blood pressure, your chance of high cholesterol rises with age. However, high cholesterol has no early indicators or symptoms. Therefore, checking your cholesterol levels frequently during midlife with normal blood is critical. This can be done at your primary care physician’s office. Lastly, medication, exercise, and a proper diet can reduce your cholesterol levels.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, a significant risk factor for heart disease and stroke, is a common health condition that medical professionals observe in aging adults. ​​

Our vascular system changes as we age, which is one reason high blood pressure is so widespread in this age range. It is caused when the pressure inside arteries increases and the arteries lose their elasticity. Furthermore, another reason for high blood pressure can also be weight gain and stress.

The good news is that physical activity, dietary changes, and medication can help control high blood pressure. However, high blood pressure is sometimes difficult to diagnose because it doesn’t have any symptoms during its early stages.

Due to this reason, your primary care doctor may advise having your blood pressure tested once every week, especially when you cross 60.

Wrapping Up

Various health conditions are more likely to affect older persons due to the natural aging process and poor lifestyle choices. However, most of these conditions can be avoided by lowering the risk factors. Furthermore, families can help motivate elderly family members to maintain their health. So, consider the health conditions mentioned in this article and ensure that you play your part in your elderly’s healthcare regime!

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