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Safe Summer Activities: Some Ideas to Keep Kids Physically Active

According to statistics presented by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, every child needs at least 60 minutes of daily physical activity.

With summer vacation, most parents face the dilemma of how to keep the kids physically active, engaged, and entertained during the summer break. You still have to go to work and might be worried that your kids will spend all their time texting with their friends or watching videos. As a parent, it is our responsibility to watch out for how much screen time our kids are getting.

Need some ideas on how you can keep them engaged and physically active? We have a few to suggest.

1.    Arrange scavenger hunts for your kids:

You can make a list of hidden items in the house for your kids to find out or make it more interesting by replacing items with chores that they have to perform in order to gain points which will later translate into rewards for them. It’s a great way to complete their weekly chores.

2.    Gardening:

Gardening can be an amazing way to help your kids bond with nature. Picking weeds from the garden, cleaning up after fallen leaves, or digging holes for new plants are great ways to incorporate physical activity.

3.    Bike riding:

 Most kids love to ride their bikes. Find a safe environment such as your neighborhood or a local park. Don’t forget their bike helmets!

4.    Get swimming pool passes:

Swimming is one of the best forms of physical exercise as it involves a whole-body workout. Most cities have swimming pools for the public, and their annual passes are quite affordable. It’s a great way to stay cool in the summer heat!

5.    Start-up a DIY home project:

From building airplanes from cardboard boxes to painting a room in the house to making a book about your kids favorite interest – there are hundreds of things that your little helpers can do with you. Pinterest is a great tool to find age appropriate DIY projects.

Here’s to a fun, safe summer.